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РЕМЕ - Clinic Selection Worldwide

РЕМЕ - Clinic Selection Worldwide
Schedule Е:
Ages 31 years and above
Pre-employment medicol exominotion
1. Review of past medical history with appropriate declaration discussed with doctor, agreed and signed Ьу candidate.
2. ChestX-ray(14x17)
3. Complete Blood Count
4. Routine Urinalysis
5. Routine Fecalysis
6. Blood Typing
7. Dental Check-up
8. Optical Check-up
9. Complete Р.Е. & History
1 О. Psychological Examination
11 . Lipid Profile
Total Cholesterol (HDULDL)
Т riglycerides
12. Liver Profile
Тotal Bilirubin
13. Kidney Function Test
Т otal Protein
14. Others:
Fasting Blood Sugar
HIV 1 & HIV 2
Pulmonary Function Test
VDRL Screening
BUA (Blood Uric Acid)
15. Нера А
Нера В Atigen Test
16. Stress Test
Cardio Profile
Additional charges may Ье made - for example, stool analysis is compulsory for all food-handlers. lt is recommended that
the seafarer Ье given anti-malarial injections and instructions for the taking of appropriate medication throughout the term of
the contract.
РЕМЕ - Clinic Selection Worldwide
Explanatory Notes - page I of 2
1. Each Laboratory has its own normal parameters for each investigation that should Ье observed when completing the form. Any result
outside normal parameters should Ье considered abnormal and the candidate reported as unfit. The same principle should apply to
all investigations conducted using the clinics instruments/equipment. Documented assessment of all instruments/equipment used Ьу
а clinic performing pre-employment medicals should Ье undertaken regularly as required Ьу manufactures and at least annually.
2. Height: lf possiЫe record this in metres to two decimal places
3. Weight: lf possiЫe record this in kilograms to two decimal places
The height and weight provide а Body Mass lndex (BMI) as follows:
Weight (Kgs)
BMI = Weight (Kgs)/Height (m^2)
Obese Class II BMI > 30
Obese Class I BMI 25-29.9
Overweight      BMI 23-24.9
Healthy            BMI 18.5 - 22.9
Underweight    BMI < 18.5
4. Body Build: Please record whether short stature (SS), medium stature (MS), large stature (LS) and also state if overweight
5. Chest lnspiration: Measure with tape measure the girth of the chest at the level of the nipples for maximum inspiration, and at full
expiration, in inches.
6. Abdominal Girth: This should Ье measured at the level of the umbilicus, in inches.
7. Colour Vision: This should Ье done using the lshihara tests for colour deficiency with particular reference to red and green deficiency.
8. Medical History: Explain the medical terminology to the candidate to ensure а true medical history.
9. Systemic Examination: List all surgical operations and any medical admissions to hospital with dates and results of any investigations.
1 О. Chest X-ray: Please confirm whether the view taken is anterior/posterior or posterior/anterior.
11. Random Urine samples: Two separate urine samples for testing the presence of glucose, the first taken at the start of the examination
and the other at the end of the examination.
12. Smoking: lndicate the number of cigarettes smoked per day, or the amount of tobacco smoked per week.
13. Haematology Blood tests: lf possiЫe, oЬtain а platelet count.
14. Blood Pressure: No higher than 115/70
15. Medication: AII prescribed medication should bе recorded.

Explanatory Notes - page 2 of 2
Heort Diseose ond Stroke Risk
16. Т otal Cholesterol (mg/dl)
<160 Desirable
160-199 Desirable
200- 239 Borderline high
240- 279 High
>280 High
17. HDL Cholesterol (mg/dl)
> 60
< 40
18. LDL (mg/dl)
<100 Optimal
100-129 Near optimal/above optimal
130-159 Borderline high
160-189 High
>190 Very high
19. Triglycerides
<150 Optimal
150-199 High
>200 Very high
20. Systolic blооd pressure (mm/Hg)
<120 Normal
120 - 129 Normal
130 - 139 Normal
140-159 High
> 160 Referral required
21. Diastolic Ыооd pressure (mm/Hg) No greater that 90 mm/Hg
22. Medication Has any Hypotensive medication been taken in the last 48 hours?
23. Risk factors LDL                                  Risk of Heart Attack in next 10 years
                         190 or > and 0 or 1              Risk Factor:    Low
                         160 or > and 2 or more        Risk Factors:   10%
                         130 or > and 2 or more        Risk Factors:  10% to 20%
24. Diabetes
Any candidate with glycosuria should Ье investigated with а glucose tolerance test to assess accurately their diabetic status.
lf found to Ье diabetic the type of diabetes must Ье identified - if the candidate were employed at sea the correct medication to control the diabetes may not Ье readily availaЫe on board ship or ashore.
lnsulin dependent diabetes is much more difficult to control on board ship with varying working conditions and -in particular –the heat. For safety reasons -candidates with insulin dependent diabetes should not Ье employed at sea.
Note: The optimum levels are shown in bold above. Values above or below optimum levels - and all haematology, biochemistry and serology results that are not within normal parameters - must Ье investigated before Ье declared fit for work.

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