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Medical care ashore in St. Petersburg

Medical care ashore in Saint Petersburg medicalsafety medical safety

medical care ashore in Saint Petersburg medical care ashore in S.Pb medical care ashore Petersburg
The “Сlinic of Medical Assistance” provides services for the organization of medical care ashore in Saint Petersburg under the Guidelines on the medical examinations of seafarers.
Treatment of seafarers

Guideline B4.1.3 – Medical care ashore
1. Shore-based medical facilities for treating seafarers should be adequate for the purposes.
The doctors, dentists and other medical personnel should be properly qualified.
2. Measures should be taken to ensure that seafarers have access when in port to:
(a) outpatient treatment for sickness and injury;
(b) hospitalization when necessary; and
(c) facilities for dental treatment, especially in cases of emergency.
3. Suitable measures should be taken to facilitate the treatment of seafarers suffering from disease. In particular, seafarers should be promptly admitted to clinics and hospitals ashore, without difficulty and irrespective of nationality or religious belief, and, whenever possible, arrangements should be made to ensure, when necessary, continuation of treatment to supplement the medical facilities available to them.

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